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Dalston Prior Concept Art by Snow the Wanderer by Drew-Writer Dalston Prior Concept Art by Snow the Wanderer :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 6 0 Hub: Page 3 by Snow the Wanderer by Drew-Writer Hub: Page 3 by Snow the Wanderer :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 3 0 Dalston Prior Character Sketch by SilviodB by Drew-Writer Dalston Prior Character Sketch by SilviodB :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 3 0 Hub: Page 2 by Snow the Wanderer by Drew-Writer Hub: Page 2 by Snow the Wanderer :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 1 0 Dalston Prior Character Sketch by duartevasco by Drew-Writer Dalston Prior Character Sketch by duartevasco :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 2 0 Hub: Page 1 by Snow the Wanderer by Drew-Writer
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Hub: Page 1 by Snow the Wanderer :icondrew-writer:Drew-Writer 1 3
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Hi there!

I've had some concept work done for this project already so you won't be going in to this blind. Ideal candidates should have:

-A full page already in your portfolio.
-Lettering ability.
-Good use of shades as well as colour. (The initial script flits between both.)
-A willingness to potentially commit to a longer (paid) project. (Oh nooo, not consistent work! That's the worst!)
-The ability to stick to deadlines.

I'm not, as yet, set on a style so please apply even if you're work is really out there. You may well be perfect for this...

Notes are fine but please don't be offended if I don't reply, I recently had a kid and I'm afraid she takes up all the time that I would normally spend letting people down gently... Blame her! If you do send me a note, please include your rates for concept work and full pages.

As stated, the job is for 3 character concepts and 6 pages, one of which is a splash. Script is ready to go. Rates negotiable. Would prefer to deal in Sterling because of our horrible exchange rate but this is not a deal breaker.

Anyway, here's the blurb:

A year ago a meteor hit the city of Crescent. The majority of people who were around the impact zone were either vapourised on impact or died from radiation poisoning. The majority of people in the city, however, were gifted great powers. 

Deep within the tower district, at 28a Irony, is an office with a glass door. On the front it reads:

"Alice Under Land"
Freelance Treasure Hunter

"King and Country"
Gentleman Bouncers

"Dalston Prior: Private Detective"

Within the office sits Dalston Prior, cigarette in his mouth, bottle in his hand. Dalston has a single mission, and that's to stop the evil that happened to him from ever happening to anyone else; this is a mission that he describes to anyone who listens as "utterly futile" but it is a mission that he undertakes relentlessly anyway, if only to distract himself from the horrors he sees when he closes his eyes.

Since being gifted has unlocked everyone's inhibitions, crime within the city has sky rocketed and cases range from the petty to the bizarre to the terrifying. Dalston slowly and methodically solves case after case to distract him from his past but each step unintentionally takes him closer to a man named Utica, a man who has made it his business to maim and murder every gifted human in the city, putting Dalston firmly in more danger than he may be able to handle.

This is just a working blurb but it should give you enough to go on. If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

Thank you for your time,


Thanks for clicking on my thread! That means you must either like beer OR being paid to make awesome art, I totally get it if it's the latter. Aside from my personal projects I'm actually a brewer for Time and Tide Brewing in the sleepy county of Kent in the UK and I've managed to convince everyone at the brewery that our new range should feature art from all over the place. Since I've had such luck finding an awesome artist on here to help me with my projects before I figure it's the best place to come for this too.

So here's the deal:

-The beer is a 9.4% Imperial White Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Tonka Beans and Coffee. (This is just for context, you don't necessarily need to know what any of those things are. The actual name of the beer is pending but could be inspired by your art.)
-I need a single piece to fit a template that I'll send to you upon commission. As a rough idea though, it needs to fit on a 330ml can label.
-If you post your interest, please give either an idea of what you'd do or, if you're super efficient, a rough pencil sketch.
-If chosen, you'll be given near complete freedom (we've got to keep it down on the nudity for some reason.) Go nuts! We don't care what style you utilise. We're looking for creativity, we're looking for insanity, we want personality, so whatever your level, don't be afraid to apply.
-Applicants MUST be over 18 (legal drinking age in the UK.)
-You must be able to commit to a deadline.
-Rates are negotiable.

If you need any more information then don't be afraid to get in touch.


Hub: Page 3 by Snow the Wanderer
Completed Page 3 of project known as "Hub".
Created by the extremely talented Snow the Wanderer who is taking commissions right now so  get yourself over to her page if you've got some work you need doing...

It's ok I can wait...

All the cool kids are doing it...

This is my third page and this page is all about abandonment and repetition as well as setting up the inevitability of rest of the story, though I can't tell you much more without telling you what that entails.
Protagonist: Sid (Former Hub Paladin and right hand man to former Overlords. He does not know it but he is one of the Old Gods that were defeated by the gods of Thunder, Vanity, Torment, Luck and Apathy. He was formerly the god of Lightning, Brother of Thunder. She was strong, he was fast, she had a great battle axe, he had a dagger and crossbow. Upon defeat he was stripped of his memory, his voice and was exiled into a mortal body... Though he would remain essentially eternal.

He wears a face mask that obscures his nose and mouth. Beneath the mask he has a mouth that is sewn shut with malleable platinum fibre and 2 scars that form a cross over his mouth. Each scar was for each attempt to remove the stitching. (happens later in comics)

He battled in the Magic Revolution and was then orchestral in the completion of the first cycle where the warped scientist Edward Tesla had attempted to syphon the ambient magic from the universe and use it for his own nefarious purposes. Neither Sid nor Tesla succeeded, something went wrong and now Tesla is stuck in a cycle, continually trying to drain the universe of what makes it be, not knowing that he is doing it to a dangerous, cataclysmic, degree. Every cycle, when Sid confronts Tesla, the same thing happens and Sid is left to pick up the pieces on the White Island, the island on the planet of Goodsprings that he invariably gets stranded on. Each time, however, he remembers a little more.

Stats: Sid, was stripped of all of his Godly powers but living for so long and being very hard to kill has meant that he has become adept in a great many skills, mostly in the use of a long range crossbow, unarmed combat and calligraphy. He is duty bound to finally finish what he could not all those cycles ago.

Also credited for inventing ice cream, even though he can’t really eat it.)

Partner: Astryd (Descendent of a colleague of Sids who is long dead (Zarya and Xiao though the latter was only a rumour) but fought by his side the first time this cycle had started. Many cycles have passed by and each time Sid’s team mates dwindle, now there is just one, Astryd, a 17 year old Boat Builder who is surly, unpleasant and violent. Grubby black hair, short, overalls and a ship wrench with a thin ornate handle that is taller than she is, on her back is a large holster, in which the ship wrench sits, she carries it around with consummate ease even though it is taller than she is and weighs almost twice as much as she does. She doesn’t know Sid.

She’s an orphan, adopted by the Church of All the Gods in Carthage she was on the road to be a trainee priestess when she was visited by the God of Torment who grumbled in an annoyed fashion and gave her a note, it was from her ancestor. It said that even though a God delivered the message, it was because he owed HER a favour, the church is bollocks, go build boats, it’s what you’re good at. Astryd quit instantly, fashioned an old family heirloom (blood stained staff of the ancients owned by ancestor) into a ship wrench and made her way to Mariner where she plied her trade, building schooners by the age of 15 and space faring battle hogs by 16. Now, at 17 she can build just about anything.

Short fuse, bad temper, foul language, not unpleasant to look at but she’d rip your eyes out if you tried it.

Stats: She has freakish strength for her size, a side effect of her ship wrench, which is slowly leaking magic into her. A side affect is she gets psychotic rages where she lashes out at whoever happens to be around. This often gets her into trouble with local law enforcement, indigenous people and anyone who has the cognitive capacity to understand language and violence. All of which Sid can expunge because he’s experienced enough to know the system. Skilled in armed combat, flying, sailing, driving and a savant with all kinds of technology.)

Antagonist: Edward Tesla (One of, if not, THE greatest scientists of his time, his involvement in the magic revolution was instrumental. He was the one to discover ambient magic and what practical uses it could have. It was a team led by his Overlord at the time that found out that draining the universe of ambient magic would stop it from existing. Tesla, though still brilliant, became deeply warped by the magic, which amplified his greed for power.

After the first encounter with Sid, the team Tesla defeated had their memories erased but they had done subtle damage to the machine he used, which in time would lead it to malfunction and feed an impurity back into the ambient magic of the universe, causing cycles for those involved.

Stats: Although he started out a skinny, malnourished, looking man, he has become thick and muscly over time, the exposure to the magic warping his body as well as his mind. He has control over the magic and can manipulate elemental energy to his will. Though not versed in combat, he is now extremely strong. He is still one of the greatest scientific minds in the universe.)

The Gods:

Thunder (Walks around under the guise of Matilda, though her guise is that of her normal form, a 7ft Amazonian/Valkyrie who wields a 2 handed Obsidian War Axe in one hand and on the other arm she wears an exquisitely ornate battle gauntlet, fixed with dragon tooth dusters and varnished with the sap of early tree folk.

The gods are all loosely related but it is a big family and they don’t all get along. She is a direct sister to Sid, but has nothing but scorn for him because he was not as strong as her in battle. She lives on a planet called Sturmplatz but often wanders where ever shrines and temples to her exist.)

Torment (No name. Figurative head of the assassins, thieves and beggars unions (in different guises,) on his own planet of Ghost World, they have all been at war for as long as they have existed, a war the he orchestrated. A black hood covers his face. The hood is beneath a white shirt, which is beneath a trench coat that looks like it’s made of space, often reflecting stars as it wafts in the breeze. He is the most moody and vindictive of all the gods.)

Vanity (Irvine Hamilton. An extremely camp theatre actor who stars in essentially every play on his own planet. He doesn’t much care for others and won’t help anyone but himself.)

Luck (Lady Luck, an extremely attractive woman who dresses in dark, slightly gothic clothing, rocking a myriad of ever-shifting tattoos. She simply goes as “Lady,” “The Lady,” though some people refer to her as “Fate” or “Destiny” It is said that she has a hand in everything though she will always say that people make their own luck. This is a myth she circulated herself.)

Apathy (Goes by the name of Steve... Because his name is Steve. He makes no effort to disguise himself and will aimlessly wander the universe, often popping up in important places to get in the way. Steve is a dick.)


Drew-Writer's Profile Picture
Drew Harris
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Drew!

I'm a published poet, beer expert, former rock-DJ, tie aficionado (black is the only colour,) graphic novel fan and ironic van driver.

I have various blogs and I'm always writing something. I've got 3 projects on the go at the moment.


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